15 Dezember 2006


YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much for joining in and telling your Christmas stories. I loved every single one, it was so inspiring and interesting to get to know your ways and traditions. Wow, I am really thrilled. I would never had thought that so much are leaving a comment, and it seems to me that not even every country, no, even every family has its own habits, customs and style - I appreciated so much your kindness of telling me/us it all. Thanks alot!

Actually I wanted to show you what I have done last week. It´s another crochetted scarf and I like it very much. But my camera is not willing to work today, so there is now time left for me to do the final touches till next week and show you the finished one. I am done with the hook and it will need ages anyway to sew in all those hundreds of threads. Btw have you noticed that there is a lot of crochetting this days in blogland? I have seen some absolutely beautiful and fabulous things, Moonstitches made a fantastic apron and hat and shared this wonderwonderful links with us, Yarnstorm also took the hook and made a bright and cheery scarf, this blanket at Green Kitchen is one of my definitely favorits, the haphazard knitter is doing wonderful funny things with the hook and her blanket is also a must-have on my list. It seems, that crochet is all around and for having recently ordered this book and still a lot of cotton yarn in my stash, I think it´s the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

And to have also some pictures in this post (colour is all we need), I thought I show you some of the Christkindl-Markets I visited. A lot of very nice things, very crowded, very cold and sometimes wet, very expensive, very nice dealers and sellers, and the very best for getting into the Christmas mood.

Here we have some cute and absolutely lovely handmade wooden lanterns, oh so nice for my garden, and some amazing handmade brushes, all black and white (I have bought one for my potatoes and carrots, but not black and white, just plain white and very useful, I´ve tested it already!)

This are the beautiful wooden things from the Erzgebirge, I love them so much, I would like to have them all, for Christmas, for Easter and the small flower children for inbetween. Sadly more than expensive, - exorbitant!

A cute little bear´s home, so sweet.

Doll´s houses and every thing you need to make a good living for them. They also had microscopically tiny school books and pencils and bags. This reminded me of a doll house I once had and loved so much, and then one day my little sister destroyed it all. But maybe one day I will buy a new one to have a memory and the ideal beautiful home again.

Handmade soaps and body butters, smelled fantastic!

These are "Zwetschgenmännle", means prune-men. They are made of prunes, the face is a walnut and sometimes also figs are used. In my childhood we had them every year, but now never and I think most of them are sold to tourists nowadays. So sad, it was such a great habit and I remember how much I loved this little men as a child. I think actually they are made to eat them, too, but in my family we children never dared to bite into them (the same with chocolate-Nikolaus and the chocolate-Easter bunny) and so they stood as long as they were still visible under the dust.

This are my favorites. Teeny-weeny Wicky´s and knights, ladies of the castle, seamen and witches, skiers, flower fairies and penguins. They are made out of hazelnuts, leaves and small twigs. This market stall is always, always surrounded by a lot of kids, all adoring and "ah" and "oh" and begging the parents to buy just one of them. And I am feeling like a child, too, they are soooooooo sweet.

And last, but not least, this is the wish-tree and this is not a usual German custom. It is just at the market in Regensburg, it´s an old celtic custom, to tie your wishes into a tree. You get your ribbon for a donation to the poor and then you can put it on the tree. We have seen such an old celtic holy tree in England, it was a very magical and enchanted place and a lot of people already had tied anything they had into the tree, even a handkerchief, a plastic bag and a bra! This are the things I love so much. OK, but here we are in good old Bavaria, here we are using coloured ribbons and it is importand to make just one knot, not to make a bow, because your wish has to be able to go with the wind to become true. I love it a lot and every Christmas time we do it now for many years.

So have a great weekend, I hope you can enjoy it and not be in a hurry for Christmas. I am now nearly finished with my presents, the big cleaning is done, we have 4 pre-Christmas-dinner-invitations for the next week so I don´t have to cook, I forgot to write Christmas cards like nearly every year, we have no snow till now and so maybe this will be the first not-white-christmas here and yesterday I thought now it would be nice to knit something bright, airy for spring. After finishing some UFOs of course! Happy 3rd Advent!


strikkelise hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful things! I've seen some of those expensive angels etc. in Sweden and they really are expensive. And lovely.
I love the teeny tiny twig people, too, I can see why the kids want them! I wish they wouldn't make vikings with horns on their helmets, though. The real vikings didn't have horns.
So sad about your doll house, those things lost from one's childhood never go away from our longings. You definitely should get a new one!

francoise hat gesagt…

Thank you again for sharing your pictures. My sister-in-law went to a Christmas market in Germany years ago and was so enchanted by it all that I have been dreaming of going one year to see it all (and she has snow!...)

opportunityknits hat gesagt…

such amazing things - I read in the newspapers about the Christmas markets. They look enchanting. Hope the snow arrives in time for Christmas!

littlejennywren hat gesagt…

The markets look wonderful, so many beautiful little things. I would love to visit them one day.

Sarah hat gesagt…

It all looks so gorgeous! I just love the Christmas market pictures. My hubby was born in Germany, although he's not German, he lived there until he was 10. He loves everything German now, especially your cakes and sausages :)

Suzanne hat gesagt…

Your photos are so beautiful. My daughter will be in Berlin for Christmas. It helps to see the lovely Christmas items. We usually have snow, but not yet. I wish we had such markets here in the states. I am troubled by our plastic and hoopla here. We travel to see family for Christmas Eve and midnight mass and then go home for the surprises of Christmas morning. I enjoy putting together my daughters stockings, finding little treasures for each of them. I love this time with family and friends and try hard not to lose the hope, peace and love of the season. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas.

Mumintroll hat gesagt…

Wunderschöne Bilder sind zu sehen. So viele kleine Sachen...Ich möchte ja schon so lange mal einen Christkindlmarkt besuchen.Aber bis jetzt habe ich es einfach noch nie geschafft

minic hat gesagt…

Hallo Suzi, ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus!! Die vielen süßen kleinen Sachen sind unbeschreiblich schön. Ich glaube, auf einem solchen Weihnachtsmarkt würde ich Stunden verbringen. Die kleinen Wikinger und Ritter sind so putzig, ach, eigentlich alles... ich bin begeistert!
Liebe Grüße von Antje

plainandsimple hat gesagt…

Wow! It looks like shopping heaven...so many beautiful things!

Maartje hat gesagt…

Hallo Suzi,
irgendwie finde ich es sehr schade, dass Du in Deinen Blog jetzt ausschließlich nur noch in Englisch schreibst.

Liebe Grüße, Maartje

Poshyarns hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for sharing those photographs, I really enjoyed looking at them, they really gave me a taste of what it must be like. I especially liked the little figures made out of hazlenuts and twigs.

Kristin hat gesagt…

Christmas in Germany looks so lovely. Have a very merry one and may the new year be happy too. Peace.